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Hey I think it's kinda cool. You already got enough feed back from the others about the story and voice acting. But if you want a voice actor or someone at least a little better, you could use me.

I do rap songs so I have a microphone, but I took a class in acting, so it's not like I'm a total noob.

If you do send me a message or something.

Keep animating!

Very awesome structure. Looks like the beginning of a very promising series. I really like Mao Mao's character also. Feisty and deadly, but the rest treat him as a cute pet.

You should definitely keep going with this.

I have to agree with Scroler here. There isn't much to this video. Not to neglect the work put into it, because there is evidence of work put in to create the animation. But it seemed very light.

This definitely has potential and I would like to see it being taken a step further. Who knows, maybe it was just too short for my taste. But it wasn't horrible. I was just expecting more from it.

You get one golden star for the effort.

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This is the smartest game I ever played :D

You got enough reviews to know this game is good. But I really ask that you add a change control option. Because I'm lefty and this whole wasd set up is weird. Arrow keys would be awesome ^^;

Man this game looks good too....

Seems like a coding error, hit up Moonkey to fix that. No stars cuz this should have been fixed when it hits the front page. Compliments on the art though, it looks like a nice graphical game!

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Really love the beat. You definitely have talent, it sounds fresh as hell and futuristic!

Could someone else rap on this?

Hey I liked the track! It's really soft and builds up as the song progresses. Has a theme of inspiration behind the rhythm so that's pretty cool.

I was wondering if I could use this for a video of my 2012 Art Reel?

SoundHawk responds:

Hey, sorry about the late reply! I hope you went ahead and used it in your video, I don't mind at all! I would just appreciate it if you credit me with the audio when you do. Thanks for listening :)

This is awesome. I have a question though. Would someone be able to download this beat and use it in their own project. Giving you credit of course.


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